Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sellabrate: Birthdays

As you saw we had a birthday in our house this week. The last school I worked at was trying hard to move away from food based celebrations. Although this had yet to really take hold I had my class create a book for our birthday friend. We all filled out this sheet.

They finished the sentence and drew the picture. I had them "write" the word on the line the best they could and then wrote the word next to it for them. I added this great little cover.

And this ending page.

It made a great little book to send home with the birthday child.

I wanted to have some other activities based around birthdays to be playing with while we were working on our books so I also created these.

A few coloring pages (the amazing clip artists used are in the product itself)

You will get this cute math center which can double as 2 activities.

I included some word unscrambles.

You are also getting 2 playdough mats!

I think birthdays are pretty big deals. I love being able to make the whole day about the birthday friend!

Have fun celebrating birthdays! Get your copy for free here.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Time Flies

Four times a year or so I may leave our normally scheduled posts for one like today.

How did this happen? How did 5 years already pass?

To my monkey,

I am so proud of the boy you have become. You are mommy's favorite 5 year old boy in the whole world!

You love hard and play harder. You are funny and a regular in the goofball sea. Your laugh is contagious.

The creative inventing mind you show us when you are playing with your Legos is a thing to behold! I see the fingerprints of God when I look at you.

You are silly, sassy and full of life!

God has an amazing plan for your life. I can't wait to see how it continues to unfold. Big changes are coming your way now that you are 5 but you will always be mommy's baby boy.

I love you monkey with Mighty Machine sprinkles, Blaze and the Monster Machines jimmies, Paw Patrol syrup and 100 million thousand cherries on top! Happy Birthday bubby.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pinspired Decor for Thanksgiving

Certainly I am not the only one who sees these beautiful displays of decor and wants to recreate it in their home.

Have you seen this one? Well, I love it and wanted to recreate it.

I decided before I went out I only was going to use this as inspiration.

I headed to my favorite thrift store. $12 later I had some great bones for some new decor. I headed to Dollar Tree for some fillers. $15 more and I headed home.

I did some crafting to find out my shelf must be much more narrow than this one! But, I am pretty pleased with the results.

What do you think?

Friday, November 4, 2016

Freebie Friday: Coloring Contest

Freebie Friday!!!!

I am going to have a new mostly Facebook feature -- Friday Freebie. From time to time Freebie Friday is going to have a contest attached to it.

For this first Freebie Friday there is a contest attached. It is a going to be a coloring contest.

Here is how this is going to work:
  1. Download this coloring page.

  2. Print it out. 
  3. Color the page.
  4. Post a picture of your coloring here. (Learning Skadoodles Facebook Page)
Now this is a quick contest. Winner will be announced on Monday! 

What are you going to win? A debut copy of my first printed coloring book! The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Since it is not finished yet you can have a sneak peek of the amazement happening!

Review: Gratitude Book

This month we are taking a look at gratitude. One of the most fun ways I have done this is a daily gratitude book.

Printable gratitude book for kids of all grades and ages.

This book is so much fun. There are two versions, with or without scripture. Each page has a different statement to finish and room to draw a picture.

Some statement examples are:
  • I am thankful for
  • I am thankful for my mom or dad because
  • The color I am most thankful for is 
  • When I am sad I can remember I am thankful for
  • This is something tiny I am thankful for
You will also get 15 other pages!

You can get it over in the store or at Teachers Pay Teachers

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hello November.

Hello November -- welcome to the month that brings hairy men and Facebook feeds full of "gratitude".

Before I get into what I want to say with this post I wanted to let you all know something. What I am about to say made me really check myself. I didn't want to put it out there my disdain for this without making doubly sure that I am not guilty of it myself.

Here we go, I am going to say it.

I hate November.

Okay, well I don't hate all of November. There are things that I just LOVE about November. Things like the colors, sweatshirts, boots, and my boy's birthday (even though it continually makes me sad that he is getting so big!).

All of these great things get overshadowed for my disdain for the fake gratitude that floods from so many during November. Not to mention the judgements that come from those who "love Thanksgiving and all it stands for!" Sadly, these are the same people where -- everything is terrible until November 1st. Then they are thankful for EVERYTHING! Just to start complaining about everything Christmas starting December 1st.

Please don't get me wrong --  if you do not live a life of gratitude you have to start somewhere. If you are going to embrace a month make some changes and embrace a life of gratitude! Not everyday is going to be a great day, but by God there is something to be grateful for in each day. Thankfulness needs to be a lifestyle! Thankfulness is something to embrace at all times, not just 30 days in November.

This month we are going to be heading down this road. My Instagram is going to be flooded with quotes and scripture. We are going to be talking about gratitude and teaching gratitude to our kids. We will find ways to embrace gratitude beyond November. We will be teaching with  pumpkins and Thanksgiving. I will have some great activities for you and even some contests! The contests will be over on Facebook.

Until next time! Skadoodles.

Monday, October 31, 2016

A to Z Tips for a Scare-ific Trick or Treat

Have you ever talked to your kids about Trick or Treat safety?

I really was thinking about this recently. The only safety we were ever told, stay on the sidewalks, don't run into the street, cross at the corners and don't eat any candy. Maybe this was because our Trick or Treat was always during the day. It was always the Saturday or Sunday before Halloween from 3 to 6.

Now that I am a parent and live in a different area we actually Trick or Treat on Halloween in the evening and I will be honest ... it's awesome. Trick or Treating at night does bring forth some new concerns and safety issues.

I decided to put together an Z to A list for you (Let's be honest I wanted to start with Zombies.  hahah!) with safety some safety reminders.

Z: Zombies don't work alone. -- If zombies work in groups you should too! This is especially important for that 12 and up crew. A group is at least 3.

Y: Yell, if someone is trying to get you in their house or their car and you do not know them. Yell. There are parents and safe adults around yell and get help.

X: (E)xcitement can bring out not so smart decisions sometimes. Be excited, but keep safe.

W: Walking FEET! Of course running is fun. When kids get excited it tends to speed up their feet. It's dark, there are tripping hazards that are harder to see. It's smarter to walk for safety reasons.

V: Voltage - be sure your phone is fully charged before you head out. If you have older kids that are going to be out on their own give a phone to the most responsible in case of an emergency.

U: Uninvited. Do not go into a house of someone you don't know. Don't get in a car either.

T: Tampered candy should always be reported. EVEN IF you don't know what house it came from.

S: Separated and scared. That can be spooky! Be sure to talk about trusted adults. Moms with kids are going to be the safest to talk to if you need help. You can also talk to a grown up at a WELL LIT house, do not go inside.

R: Reflective tape. Stick some on the costume or on the treat bag. Anything to make sure your kiddo can be seen in the dark.

Q: Question that adult that seems to be out without any kids. That person (could even be a woman) might be up to no good.

P: Porch lights. Only go to houses that are well lit.

O: Open your eyes. Don't just watch for cars. Keep your eyes open for tripping hazards.

N: Nice and bright. Sure a grim reaper is a fun and scary costume, but you can't be seen and when you can't be seen you can't be safe. Opt for brightly colored costumes if you can.

M: Make-up instead of masks. Remember how I said excitement makes feet go faster. Combine fast feet and potentially blocked vision -- could be a recipe for disaster.

L: Look and look again. If you are driving during Trick or Treat kids can dart out between parked cars and bushes. Drive slow and keep your eyes open.

K: Keep to sidewalks of a familiar neighborhood. Shortcuts and alleys are not the safest places to be in the dark.

J: "J-walking" is a bad idea. Cross at corners and in crosswalks. It is just safer.

I: Inspect candy. Any candy should be inspected by a trusted grown up before eating.

H: Have fun and be safe. Okay, that one goes without saying.

G: Grown-ups or groups -- if you are under 12 you need a grown up. If you are over 12 you need to be in a group.

F: Firm time frame. Your kids are older and want to Trick or Treat on their own. Set a firm time frame for them to be out on their own.

E: Emergency contact. Put your name and number on your kid. God forbid they get lost or separated they can find a MOM WITH KIDS to call you and get help.

D: Dull weapons. If weapons from costumes are sharp it's not safe. Make sure they are dull.

C: Candy and non-candy treats are always safer than homemade snacks and treats.

B: Be seen! Are you the adult of the group? Be sure you can be seen. Don't wear dark clothes if you can help it.

A: Avoid dogs. Even the nicest dog can get scared by all the people in costumes.

So there you have it, 26 tips and tricks for a scare-ificly fun Trick or Treat. Have a great time whether you Trick or Treat on the weekend or on Halloween night.